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The Spanish classes at Jerónimo de Ayanz Idiomas are specialized in teaching Spanish from the very beginning and completely online to students of various nationalities. We are a team of specialised teachers with years of experience teaching Spanish. From A1 to C2, it is possible to learn Spanish from native Spanish teachers. We have various types of Spanish courses. We also have special activities such as intensive Spanish courses in Spain, in which it is even possible to do the Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago).

Below you will find details of the courses available.

Clases de español para extranjeros - Jerónimo de Ayanz Idiomas

Spanish classes: individual classes

In the case of individual classes there is more flexibility: a timetable is agreed in advance with the team of teachers and classes start immediately. This is the most advisable option if you are thinking of preparing for your DELE exam. At the Jerónimo de Ayanz school we prepare you to obtain your certificate with specific materials for this purpose. This is a type of class in which the content is focused on the specific needs of the student. Therefore, it is also ideal for students who want to reinforce or learn a specific aspect of Spanish.

Spanish for travel, for business, for presentations or simply Spanish lessons on aspects that are more difficult for the student, such as, for example, the subjunctive.

The fastest and most efficient way

Preparation for specific purposes (DELE, travel, business...)

All materials included

Spanish teacher

Great flexibility of timetable

Spanish courses for groups

The Spanish courses for groups at the Jerónimo de Ayanz school are available for all levels. The groups are small and can be taught by Spanish teachers or, in some cases, by teachers of the same nationality as you. Timetables are very flexible and there are new courses every month. You don’t need to have any knowledge of Spanish to take them. The courses last for six months and are paid every trimester. Naturally, if you wish to continue studying you can do so for as long as you want to extend your course (another 3 or 6 months).

Groups of 3 to 5 students

All materials included

Spanish teacher

Spanish individual course

This type of course lasts 3 or 6 months. They are designed for a constant and personalised way of learning, as the student has the full attention and dedication of the teacher. For this reason, it is – together with individual spanish classes – the most efficient and fastest way to learn Spanish. It differs from those in that it has a fixed duration in blocks of 3 months.

After the first three months, the student can choose not to continue with the course if he/she is not satisfied. It is possible to do it at any level and it has the advantage over group courses that the learning process is more efficient and the timetable is more flexible. It is therefore better suited to the specific needs of the learner.

Constant and efficient way of learning

All materials included

Spanish teacher

Flexibilidad horaria

Payment in instalments of three months

Spanish conversation classes

The Spanish conversation classes at the Jerónimo de Ayanz school aim to improve the students’ oral communication skills. Several current and general topics are provided in order to improve the student’s oral skills.

It is possible to take these conversation classes with a native Spanish teacher who will also speak your own language if necessary. The duration can be half an hour, an hour or an hour and a half. Together with the class, materials are provided for the preparation of the classes as well as for the student to practise on their own during their study period.

Intensive and efficient oral practice

Class materials included and personalised

Spanish teachers

Flexible timetable

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